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Tour to Israel 2023

Israel tour

Experience your Israel tour with professionals.

A tour to Israel is always wonderful and memorable. Let’s plan your Israel visit for 2023. Israel is a small nation but known as a start-up nation. It is the Hebrew land.

How much cost for your Israel tour!?

  • In general, your airfare goes to $800.
  • Your accommodation will be $900.  If you live in a budget-friendly hotel or lodge, then It will be a little less and you can save $300.
  • Local transportation will be $75.
  • Sightseeing with a local guide: $500

When to plan your casual visit to Israel?

As you know, Israel is a dry nation, and spring lasts a long. So, Mostly Tourists like to visit Israel in the month of June to August.

Is Israel a safe country for tourists?

Yes, it is very safe for men and women. It is anti-Islamic so you can travel full of freedom.

Can you tour Israel alone?

Yes, you can travel alone to Israel. However, In Israel, If you know the Hebrew language then It will be more comfortable. So, suggest you tour with local tourists. You can contact us to hire a guide for your tour.

How many days are required to see Israel completely?

It will require approx. 10 to 14 days as Israel have not many tourist attraction in compare to India, the USA, China..etc. If you just plan well and visit the selected places then I think, you just require 1 week time to visit Israel as it’s a small nation in terms of area.

Where to stay in Israel?

Jerusalem is the best choice. Tel Aviv is the more costly. Also, Jerusalem is 3000 years old and historical.  If you like the winter then you can visit in January.

Planning any type of tour to Israel?

Just call us or reach us by emailing us with your purpose and budget. We will help you with bookings and planning. Ask for a guided tour. We will also help you to plan your stay, food, and sightseeing. It will help you the most to make your Israel tour memorable, and fruitful.

Israel tour from India

Israel tour from Kerala, Gujarat, Maharashtra, North India, and south India. If you are planning and searching for the customized Israel tour package from India for a Christian Spiritual tour, Agritech 2023, Expo, Business meeting, vacation tour Or any kind of educational tour. We are here to help you end to end to make your Israel tour memorable and fruitful.

Israel tour package from India

An Israel tour from India will cost you something like 2 to 3 lakhs per person. It’s an average normal price as per basic stay for 1-week stay. As you know, Israel – Tel Aviv is costly compared to India. You can say 5 times costly. So, we will help you to plan your Israel tour based on your requirements, and take care of your budget and the purpose of the Israel tour.

You just need to contact us for your Israel tour from India. We have our Physical branch office In Ahmadabad, Gujarat India for better consultation.

Christian Spiritual tour from India to Israel

If you are a Christian and planning a religious tour to Israel from India, then you are at the right place. Who else can help you better than us!? We are experienced, local Israeli citizens. We organized many Christian tours from Kerala, goa, and Northeast India to Israel.

Exhibition Visit or business meeting in Israel

Israel hosts many Expo and business seminars and business meetings. Israel is a developed country and well known for its security technology, agritech, and new business start-ups.

We will help you to share Exhibition in Israel details, bookings, your stay, food, Language converter, tour guide, Business meeting arrangement, the site seen, market research, etc., etc.

What to do in Israel and what not to do in Israel? We will help you with India’s home-to-home guidance and service to make your Israel journey memorable.

Indian tour guide in Israel

We provide you Indian tour guide service in Israel.  We know most of the Indian local language and Israel’s local language.  So, you will get smooth communication for the entire Israel tour.

Hebrew to English, Hebrew to Hindi, Hebrew to Gujarati, Hebrew to Malayalam, Hebrew to Marathi, and vice versa for many other Indian languages.

Delegation tour management and Business services in Israel

If you are a delegation Or group and planning to Israel tour from Israel then you need to contact us must. As we have special budget-friendly, basic to Luxury facility arrangements and planning for your Israel tour.

We have a highly educated team and officials to guide you as per your tour planning and business conversation or business meetings in Israel. Because we know India and Israel very well.

Business research in India and Israel.

If you are an Indian businessman or business owner and want detailed market research or a case study on the Israeli market, we provide business research services in your specific product or service niche. 

Same way, If you are an Israeli businessman OR Israeli business owner and planning to do business in India then we will help you the best.  We will help you to research reality. will help you to deal with the Indian government to the ground.  We will provide you End to end Implementation and functional solutions for your establishment in India to start your business in India. 

Best Indian food in Israel

We own the 972foodie.club food chain company in Israel to serve the best Indian cuisine in Israel. Our Indian restaurant In Israel is located in Beer Sheva, which functional since June 2022. Very soon we are expanding our service area to cover our food lovers. So, We can serve you the best healthy and testy Indian food in Israel.

Indian Grocery store in Israel

We own the Bombay grocery store in Israel. Physically located in Beer sheva – Israel. We have our online grocery store portal https://bombay.co.il/  for online Grocery shopping. We deliver your ordered Indian Grocery items to your doorsteps in Israel.

Bombay Store is committed to supplying you the best quality grocery products at a competitive price.

Contact us for your next Israel tour


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    • Hello Piyush.

      Welcome to Israel. I got your contact details. I will help you the best with planning to execute your Israel tour. Stay tuned and stay connected. It will be my pleasure and Happy to help you. Serve you the best service as always. Thank you so much.

    • Thank you.

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