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Launching United India in Israel

United India – An Indian Commuity Portal in Israel

Israel is home to a large number of Indian Jewish Communities, Expats, Students, and Non-Immigrant Workers.

The idea behind – United India is to create a community website that connects people of various walks of life. This website will serve as a centralized source of information, news, events, and happenings in Israel for the Indian community.

United India, as the name suggests brings together the whole Indian Diaspora as well as people who are interested in Indian History, Culture, Food & Local Indian resources.

“Our Unity is our strength & Diversity is our Power.” Kamala Harris

Let us join hands and be a part of this online community and contribute information, resources, and knowledge about Israel and connect, help, and make friends with fellow Indians.

Let us learn what “United India” has to offer.

This is a very interactive Indian Community Website with complete access and control of many features available to you.

Members – Join an ever-growing community of Indians in Israel and interact with people, share daily musings, pictures, videos, and make new friends.

News – Stay updated on the latest news and happenings in Israel and keep up with the current affairs.

Groups – Join like-minded people who share similar tastes in different topics.

Events – An event calendar to keep you posted with many events happening across the country.

Many more features will be added in near future.


Team United India

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