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Israel Student Visa For Indian Nationals

Studying Abroad: How To Get Israel Student Visa For Indian Nationals?

Many students who are looking to study abroad want to do so in reputable schools that welcome foreigners. Many Indians with the dream to study in a foreign country have considered studying in Israel. Why? Israel boasts of many education learning institutions with high academic standards. Israeli higher learning institutions offer a variety of programs including BSc MSc, Ph.D., and even Postdoctoral research. Most Israeli schools welcome and support Indian students. Plus the Israel student visa for Indian citizens is pretty easy to get if you know what to do. This article will guide you through the process.

How Can You Get Admission to Israel?

You can get admission by applying to Israeli schools online. If you are unable to do it yourself, we are here for you. We have good relations with over 10 universities in Israel. We can help you with the application process and get you ready for your studies in Israel.

What Type of Visa Will You Need?

Indian nationals with the intent of studying in Israel are required to apply for the appropriate visa. The Israel student visa for Indian nationals and other foreigners is called the A/2 Visa. It gives you the legal right to study at an Israeli educational institution.

Who Can Apply for the A2 Visa?

Those who have applied to Israeli schools and have been given admission. Without a school admission offer, you will not be issued a student visa.

For How Long is an Israeli Student Visa Valid?

An Israel student Visa for Indian citizens is only valid for one year. Once it expires you will have to renew it to remain in Israel. Bear in mind, however, that a student visa holder cannot work in the country.

What Documents Do You Need to Study In Israel?

● Visa Application Form
You need to fill out and sign the Israeli student Visa application form online. You can choose to fill it out online and print it for submission or download the form and complete it with any pen other than black. If you can’t do any of these, go to the Visa Application Centre near you in India, collect the application form and fill it out for submission.

You need an Indian passport with at least one blank page to apply for an Israeli Student Visa. You will also need to submit previous Indian passports that you hold.

● Passport Photograph
You will have to submit two white background passport photos with 5.5 cm X 5.5 size specifications.

● Evidence of Flight Booking
If you can book a flight and provide proof, then do it. But if, however, you are unsure of the outcome of your visa application, simply save a seat on an Israeli flight. You can present any one of them as evidence of your intended travel date.

● Your Birth Certificate
You will need to present your birth certificate when applying for an Israel student visa for Indian citizens. If you are not yet an adult, your birth certificate will be notarized with an apostille stamp. Your legal guardians must sign a consent form before a notary or consular at the Visa Application Centre in India.

● Proof of Fund
You need to show that you have sufficient funds to support yourself while schooling in Israel. Your proof of funds is your bank statement for the past 3 months.

If you are being sponsored by your parents, they will need to provide their bank statements for the last 3 months as well as evidence that you are their child.

If you will be studying on a scholarship, you need to provide adequate proof that you have been awarded one.

● Evidence of A2 Visa Payment
You need to provide evidence that you have paid for processing your A2 Visa. A printed receipt is proof enough.

● Letter of Approval from the Institution
The school that gives you admission will also give you an approval letter stating your name, passport number, and study duration.

● Medical Insurance
All international students must have medical insurance to study in Israel. This way, students can get medical attention when they fall ill or have the need to go to the hospital.

● Proof of Accommodation
You need to secure accommodation for yourself before you are given an Israeli student Visa. You need to state where you will be staying when you get there.

● Resume
Your resume should be updated and submitted along with other documents.

● Cover Letter
You need to present a detailed cover letter that states your name, passport number, type, and duration of the study.

Steps to Applying for An Israeli Student Visa
For now, the application for an Israeli Visa is mainly offline. Here are the steps to take when applying for an Israel student Visa for Indian citizens.

● Fill out the application form.

● Collect the required documents as mentioned above.

● Submit the application form along with the documents at the Israel Visa Application
Centre in India.

● You will meet with a consular who will verify your documents.

● Track your application on the website where you downloaded the Visa Application Form.

● You will be notified via email once your visa is approved.

Where Should You Apply for Israel Student Visa for Indian Nationals?

There are four recognized Israel Visa Application Centres in India and they are IVAC Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, and Kolkata. You should apply as per jurisdiction.

For inquiries and updates, you can contact the following helplines:

Email at mumbai@israelvisa.in

Email at bengaluru@israelvisa.in

New Delhi
Email at delhi@israelvisa.in

Email at kolkata@israelvisa.in

List Of Israeli Universities that Accept Indian Students
If you are unsure of the Universities in Israel that accept Indian students, this list can guide you in making the right decision.

● Tel Aviv University
This public University was established in 1956 and is located in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel. https://m.tau.ac.il/

● Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology is a public University in Haifa, Israel. It was founded in 1912.

● Bar-Ilan University
This public research university is the second-largest academic institution in Israel. It was founded in 1955 and is located in the Tel Aviv District city of Ramat Gan, Israel. https://www.biu.ac.il/

● The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
This is a public university known for being the second-oldest university in Israel. It was established in 1918 and is based in Jerusalem. https://new.huji.ac.il/

● Weizmann Institute of Science
It is a research institute located at Herzl St 234, Rehovot, Israel. Originally established as Daniel Sieff Institute in 1934, the institute only admits students who want to undertake postgraduate studies in the natural and exact sciences.

● Open University of Israel
This learning institution offers distance education only. It is located at Derekh ha-Universita 1, Ra’anana, 4353701, Israel, and was founded in 1974. https://www.openu.ac.il/

● Ariel University
Formerly known as Ariel University Center of Samaria, this university officially became a full public research university in 2012. It is Israel’s newest university and is located in the Israeli settlement of Ariel on the West Bank. https://www.ariel.ac.il/wp/en/

● Ben Gurion University of the Negev
A public research university in Be’er Sheva, Israel, the Ben Gurion University of Negev was established in 1969 and is known to be Israel’s fastest-growing university. https://in.bgu.ac.il/

● University of Haifa
This university is located at 199 Aba Khoushy Ave. Mount Carmel, Haifa, Israel. It was established in 1972 and holds the record of Israel’s sixth academic institution. https://www.haifa.ac.il/

What to Do When You Get to Israel?

You will be spending some time away from your home country once you are granted the Israel student visa for Indian nationals. When you arrive, you will need to figure out where to get those things that are necessary for your daily survival. We have got you covered. We can help you settle in as quickly as possible. We can help you with the following:

Contact us to help you look for suitable accommodation in the city where your school is located.

● Grocery Shopping
Our Indian grocery store https://bombay.co.il/ is open to serving you at all times.

You won’t be missing out on Indian delicacies even while you are in Israel. Our catering and takeaway food service https://972foodie.club is available to serve you delicious cuisines. If you are in Beer Sheva city, you can also visit our restaurant ‘Delhi Bistro’ to get the best Indian dishes.

● Money Exchange and Instant Money Transfer Services
If you need to change Indian Rupee or US Dollars to Israeli Shekel, we are here for you. We also provide instant money transfer services for Indians in Israel.

We can help you get private insurance in Israel. It can be a bit overwhelming to look for insurance companies with the best plan. With us, you don’t need to stress. We can assist you with a great insurance plan while you are studying in Israel.

● Indian Association
If you want to be close to home, associate with Indians in Israel. We have an active community of Indians living in Israel. Get the latest news on the UnitedIndia.co.il platform.

It is always a pleasure to be of service to our clients. Contact us today, so that we make your dream to study in Israel fast and easy.

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