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India – Israel Business Bridge Service

United India is very much excited to Launch the Indo–Israel Business House to set up a bridge between businesses of India and Israel to connect each other.

India and Israel have been working side-by-side on many exciting sectors and have achieved a lot together in past. We look forward to building upon this base and harboring new business relationships and helping assist more such business collaboration activities among them.

Who We Are?

United India, is a business platform service launched by an Indo-Israeli couple Anand Chauhan & Ester Changaoker whose aim is to facilitate a more convenient way of connecting with the right channels, finding opportunities to collaborate, and working towards common business goals.

What Do We Do?

United India, is a business hub that aims to assist, develop and harbor relationships between India & Israel in the various business sectors.

We work hand-in-hand with entrepreneurs from both countries and offer services that can help them identify key markets, and opportunities, mitigate various hurdles & risks, develop partnerships and represent them in their respective countries.

Let us Identify opportunities and work towards the goal of creating long-term partnerships.

Upcoming Opportunities in Israel

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