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How To Apply For Israeli Visa !?

For Indian
Tourist And Business Executives

Like every other travel destination, there are many things to look forward to when traveling to Israel. From the breathtaking views to the food, the people, and of course the culture.

Every year, thousands of Indians travel to Israel for different purposes. If you are planning to go to Israel for tourism or business, then you need an Israeli visa for Indian travelers. Here is what you need to know.

An Israeli visa authorizes you to enter Israel and stay there for a specified period. During that time you can perform activities that are approved for those with the kind of visa you have. The visa legalizes your entrance into Israel.

If you are going to Israel as a tourist or business person then you need a B/2 Visitor’s visa. With this type of Israeli visa for Indian citizens, you can stay for up to three months in the country.

What You Need to Apply for a B/2 Visitor’s Visa

● Passport

The first thing you need to have as an Indian traveling to Israel is your Indian passport. Without it, it will be almost impossible to apply for an Israeli visa. Your passport should have at least 2 blank visa pages left. It must also have nothing less than 6 months remaining validity as of the date of return. You will also need to submit the original copy of your previous passport if any. If you have misplaced it, you will need proof of loss to back up your claim.

● Passport Photograph

You need two recent passport Photographs to apply for a visa to Israel. The white background passport should not be the same as the one used on your previous passport.

● Cover Letter

To apply for an Israeli visa for Indian tourists and business persons, you need to draft a cover letter. The letter must have your name, your passport number, and your signature on it. The cover letter should also outline the duration of your visit, your purpose of visit, and your itinerary
while in Israel.

● Proof of Occupation

If you are an employee of a company, you will need a letter from your employer stating that you have been granted a leave of absence for the duration of your trip. It should also state that you will still have your current job on your return to India. The letter must have the company’s letterhead.

If you are self-employed, you will need to present proof of business ownership. You must submit a copy of your business registration and license along with some cooperative financial documents.

If you are a student going to Israel with a tourist visa, you will need an official letter of identification from your school. The letter should indicate that you are an exemplary student who has registered for the next semester.

If you are a retiree applying for an Israeli Visa for an Indian tourist, you must present proof of your retirement fund.

● Financial Documents

You will need to submit your bank statement in the last six months to prove that you have been working and have sufficient funds.

You will also need to present your payslip for the last six months.

If you own a business, you will need to present your company’s bank statement for the last six months plus your personal bank statement for the length of time. Note that you must be a signatory to the cooperate account. Bank statements without bank stamps are not allowed.

● Flight Bookings

It’s important to show proof of onward airline tickets when applying for an Israeli visa for Indian citizens. But you must not necessarily purchase flight tickets especially if you are worried about the loss of money that comes with visa denial. You can choose to save a seat on a flight to Israel and present it as evidence of your intended date of travel.

● Letter of Invitation

If you are traveling as a tourist from India to Israel you need a letter of invitation. You need to submit a letter from the tour operator in Israel. The letter should list the activities you are scheduled to engage in while you are there.

● Travel Insurance

You need to have travel insurance in case of emergencies. The medical insurance is usually the equivalent of US$ 40,000. The insurance policy should be valid from the day of arrival through to the day of departure.

If you have been invited by a friend or relative living in Israel, then submit an invitation letter with the person’s contact details.

If, however, you are applying for an Israeli visa for Indian citizens who want to travel for business, then you will need a letter of invitation from the host company. The letter should have the letterhead of the Israeli -based company and should be written in Hebrew or English. It must mention your name, passport number, purpose, and duration of the visit. The inviting company will send the letter by fax to the embassy.

When Should You Apply for a B/2 Visa?

The best time to apply for your visa is 8-6 weeks before the day you intend to travel. That way you are not in a rush to get a response from the embassy.

Where can You Apply for an Israeli Visa for Indian Citizens?

You can apply for your visa in the four Israel Visa Application Centres in India. These applications centers are located in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Kolkata.

You can contact the Helpline & Helpdesk of the Visa Application Centres for inquiries.

New Delhi
Email at delhi@israelvisa.in

Email at mumbai@israelvisa.in

Email at bengaluru@israelvisa.in

Email at kolkata@israelvisa.in

How to Apply for an Israeli Visa for Indian Citizens

● Check For Where You Should Submit Your Application Form
If you are unsure of where to submit your form, follow the guidelines of the jurisdiction list in India.

● Fill Out the Application Form for a B2 Visa
The application form can be found and filled out online. You should download and print out the form. If you can’t do it yourself, you can request the form at the visa application Centre.

● Submit the Required Documents
All the documents listed above together with your duly signed visa application form must be submitted to proceed with the application process.

● Attend the Visa interview
You will be interviewed in person at the visa-processing center by a consular office. You will be asked some questions about your visa request like your name, purpose, and duration of travel among other things.

● Pay the Visa Application Fee
You will need to make payments to process your Israeli visa for Indian travelers.

● Wait for Your Visa
While you are waiting for your visa to be approved, you can track your application by yourself on the visa application form website. You will be notified by email once it is approved.

What to Do When You Get to Israel?

If you are going to Israel for the first time, you need to know that they do not stamp passports at the embassy anymore. You will be issued a paper on arrival and this serves as your visa. It should remain with you all through your stay in Israel.

You should be ready to answer a few questions once you arrive at the airport with an Israeli Visa for Indian tourists and business executives. You will go through some security checks and you will have to state your reason for visiting Israel.

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