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Agritech Israel tour 2023 for Indian

Agritech Israel

Israel is the global market leader in the Agritech and Agri-innovation industries. 280 major agritech companies are present in Israel, and out of that, there are 200+ exporters in Israel.

Above are the well-known things, but here we are, deep diving into Indian agriculture with Israel Agritech company, ideas, and agricultural innovation to bring to our home in India.

India’s core industry is farming, and India has fertile land, water, fertilizer, and a large number of farmers. But while we talk about Agri technology in India, we find some empty space. At that time, our eyes drag towards Israel’s Agri techniques and technology, which is the best in the world.

Israel have very less fertile land, No water for farming, No manpower for farming, and No big fertilizer company, then also they are the global leader in the Agritech industry.

What exactly is the goal of Agritech?

Agri-tech is the application of agricultural technology to increase efficiency and profitability. While agri-tech is most frequently associated with horticulture and agriculture, it is also found in aquaculture, forestry, and vineyards.

Agro tourism to Israel. 

Israel is very bullish about increasing its agro-tourism and inviting India and other regional countries every year.

A developing trend in Israel is agritourism, whereby farmers, agronomists, and other agricultural professionals travel there to learn about and assess sophisticated agricultural innovations impacted by contemporary technology. In the southern Israeli desert of the Negev, Israel invented innovative farming concepts, including desert wine cultivation.

The Negev Wine Route contains vineyards that produce highly regarded wines despite the difficult desert terrain and unfavorable conditions because of the cutting-edge drip irrigation techno to provide a unique experience for those touring the desert.

Israel has successfully developed in-house cooling techniques to lower cow body temperatures, allowing Israeli Holstein Friesian cows to perform among the best in the world despite Israel’s harsh weather circumstances.

To encourage the expansion of this industry, the Israeli Ministry of Tourism holds seminars devoted solely to agritourism. About 10 groups, each with 30 to 50 people, have traveled from all over India in the past two years to visit Israel for agritourism. Members of the agriculture sector, especially farmers, are represented in the groups. They have visited greenhouses, farming communities, and business locations where they have seen demonstrations in the fields in which they are most interested.

Along with the technology created for power production and water heating, Israel has received tremendous accolades for having the highest percentage of wastewater reuse in the whole globe. The nation’s advancements in horticulture and breakthroughs in greenhouse growing under challenging climatic circumstances have been a shining example for nations throughout the world.

GOI’s state ministry’s delegation with enthusiastic farmers and agribusiness leaders, professors, and researchers attends the exhibition, which is hosted in the Israel Trade Fairs and Convention Centre in Tel Aviv. At Agritech Israel 2022, there are also delegates from the governments of Gujarat, Punjab, Haryana, and Maharashtra. Additionally, about 3000 visitors from India who work in the organic farming, dairy, natural pesticides, irrigation, and water harvesting sectors are present.

Agritech Isreal 2023. Agritech Expo will be held
(May 2023) in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Isreal. Also, International Agricultural Technology Exhibition & Conference event will be held in May 2024 in TLV Convention center, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Indian tourist in Agritech Israel.

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